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Apart from the expertise procurement rendered by IDOFED NIGERIA, IDOFED UK has observed that while some states in Nigeria are taking in litre after litre of bottled water, the idea that Nigeria has bad water quality seems to be valid.


All the technology that modern science has created for making our water safe will allow us to drink fresh water any time of the day or night. IDOFED have identified the need for improvement and provision of clean water for the citizenry of Nigeria, using the best method possible by our company and partners who has been in the business for more than three decades.

As part of our commitment to rural urban development and healthy living, these services will be provided to any state in Nigeria at moderate costs for the clean waters that are needed by the citizen.


At IDOFED, we do not only provide treatment methods for the water sources that already are in place, but also train individuals to be able to eventually provide themselves with their own safe drinking water.

Our goal at IDOFED UK is to make each state in Nigeria free of water borne diseases by making water safe for drinking to the people of Nigeria as a whole.

Furthermore, IDOFED UK has developed the capability to undertake rural energy development schemes based on the alternative technology right from project conception on our specialized areas through to physical implementation and comprehensive on-site training.


UK Sales Manager: Adeola Busari


Phone:  +447534406639


We have extensive experience in state of the art networking, technology infrastructure and business growth strategies. We can design a step by step, cost effective plan for you to achieve optimum ongoing productivity for your company.

We also offer: 

  • Transformer Installation and Maintenance.
  • Ongoing technology management and support.
  • Innovative and reliable IT solutions.
  • Short-term and long-term assistance.
  • Local references.

IDOFED UK works in collaboration with IDOFED NIGERIA.

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