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IDOFED Nigeria is an indigenous company established in 2009, having its headquarters in United States of America.


TRENTON now partner with IDOFED for all ANTICORROSION SERVICES in Nigeria. Thousands of miles of pipelines are now protected by Trenton systems throughout the world. Trenton Corporation has offered a range of wax-based anticorrosion products to protect pipelines.

IDOFED Nigeria has developed the capability to undertake oil and gas development schemes based on the alternative technology right from project conception on our specialized areas through to physical implementation and comprehensive on-site training. We have extensive experience in state of the art networking, technology infrastructure and business growth strategies. Our approach for every project we undertake is to design a step by step, cost effective plan for our client so as to achieve optimum productivity and value. 

IDOFED Nigeria being a home-grown service provider, alongside our team of technical partners across board, have been re-positioned to meet all your Procurement and Maintenance needs. 

IDOFED Nigeria is in total Compliance with the Nigerian Content Policy Act of 2010. Several Nigerian  has been trained in various areas thus improving the indigenous capability.

We are working in partnership with the European and USA equipment manufacturers, supplies and servicing the following Equipment.
Oil and gas industry can improve its operational efficiency by use of process automation systems. This involves the use of computer technology and software engineering / measuring instruments to help power Production Plants, Rig platforms, Tank gauging systems for Refineries and Tank farms. IDOFED’s response to the industry’s demand on high level automation for increase productivity and efficiency is centered on our relationship and partnership with foreign companies and OEMs for process automation systems, which puts us at the fore-front of carrying out supply services, installation, commission, maintenance, and asset optimization of these systems to satisfy our clients’ needs. By this means we are adding value to their production capacity at minimal cost.

  • —Supply services
  • —Instrumentation installation and commissioning
  • —Monitoring of flow systems and asset optimization
  • —Maintenance services
  • —Flow calibration / certification
  • —Support services
IDOFED specializes in providing services for repair of corroded or damaged pipelines for oil and gas industries using composite repair systems. Composites which are strong and durable materials are capable of providing the qualities required when performing critical repairs. Numerous field trials, in-house testing, and third party testing have demonstrated that our Composite Reinforcement System possesses those performance qualities, and as such, has been successfully used on many pipelines for repairing external corrosion and mechanical damage.
    Our supply products include:
*     AQUAWRAP formerly called AQUAPREG SYSTEM
*     ANODES
       The formulations of these product systems are solvent-free to ensure safety and maximum technical performance. These products inform of tapes are cost effective, advanced alternatives to metal sleeves and offer additional advantages not generally found with sleeves - such as, application in any weather condition or element and to any part of the pipe, even joints and bends. Water and humidity does not have todelay the job.

  • Cradle Protects Pipe and Wrapping
  • Forms continuous roller surrounding lower half of pipe; keeps pipe on center.
  • Eliminates pipe creasing, scarring.
  • Distributes bearing pressures evenly to many rollers. Loads are directed to pipe center preventing sagging of pipe.
  • As many rollers as necessary can be used to reduce pressures to a minimum.
  • Anti-friction bearings lower rolling resistance.
  • Pipe can be kept closer to the ground; operators have more control, more maneuverability.
  • Easily handled, stored, shipped.
  • One size handles wide range of pipe sizes.
In the oil and gas industry, prolong use of equipment along with adverse environmental condition affects the durability of these equipment and they begin to degenerate after a period. In order to extend and maximize the lifespan of these equipment and spare-parts, it is a prerequisite for Exploration and Production companies in the oil and gas industry to routinely and adequately carry out maintenance on the equipment by use of experts who are trained for the job.
Consequent upon this, IDOFED repositions itself as competent with skills and technical know-how in providing maintenance services for its clients and at the same time ensure absolute quality control during operations so as to prevent breakdown of machinery and loss of valuable production time.
      We maintain:
* Installed equipment and spare-parts
* Offshore and onshore facilities (Piping systems, Instrumentations, etc.)
  • 2 Layer Polyethylene Coating Facilities
  • 3 Layer Polyethylene Coating Facilities
  • FBE Coating Facilities
  • Polyurethane Foam Coating Plants
  • Compression Concrete Coatings
  • Internal Mortar Lined Pipe Coating Facilities
  • Internal Epoxy Lined Coating Facilities
  • Custom Design
Please contact IDOFEDfor more information.
—* Draw works and parts including
—* Crown Blocks & Hook Blocks
—* Gauges, Flow-meters and Pumps
—* Swivels
—* Rotary Tables
—* Unions, including
—* Non Aligned Screwed Unions (RON)
—* Quick Unions
—* Swivel Unions
—* Valves, Actuators, Regulators
—* Shale Shakers
—* Rotary Drilling and Vibrator Hoses
—* Grouting Materials for Pipeline Casing
—* Hoses and Fluid Handling
—* Pipe Fittings and Flanges
—* Anodes
—* Pipe and Tubular Products
—* Separators and Filters
—* Casing Spools
—* Casing Head Housings
—* Petroleum Testing Equipment
—* Aquawraps for Pipeline repairs
—* Blowout Preventer’s and Manifolds of all types
—* Hydraulic Control Units
—* Cementing and Fracturing Units
—* Pipeline accessories
—* Generators
—* Cranes and lifting equipment
—* Marine Services
—* Steelworks
—* Safety Equipment
* Coatings, resins, paint
—* Compressors
—* NLighting and Electrical Products
—* HVAC Equipment and Supplies
—* Well Heads
—* Pack-off Flanges
—* Slips & Secondary Seals
—* Tubing Heads
—* Christmas Trees